Vision Statement
Starling Ventures' vision is to build up the perfect COAs contractor, operating
and shipbroking company.

Starling Ventures has a consistent track record of strong market presence, commercial, operational and technical excellence. We are widely acknowledged
in the market as an exemplary ships operating and shipbroking company,
always at the forefront of evolution. Moving full steam head, we want to continue
what we have been doing so far, while continuously striving for further

The word build up signifies a collective effort to realize our future destination: ‘building up’ requires team work, commitment, drive and determination.
Also, it does not imply a one-off achievement but a constant and gradual effort,
a journey with long duration, an aspiration for longevity. It is an implicit promise
to be here forever.

We aspire to working towards being perfect, a state which by definition is ideal
and thus difficult to measure or quantify. The word perfect paves a direction
for our aspirations, our strategy, our business decisions, our day-to-day behaviors
and actions. It provides a rationale for our medium and long term goals and plans.
It explains why we are putting all this effort in developing our most valuable asset,
our people, and optimizing the way we work.



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