Corporate Social Responsibility
For Starling Ventures LLC the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR)
is deeply embedded in the company’s culture.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an ideology by which companies have
the duty to consider the interests of their stakeholder’s (customers, employees,
investors, communities, the environment, etc.) for the full scope of their activities. Moreover, this duty has to always extend beyond companies’ regulatory

Starling Ventures' slogan (Full Steam Ahad) was born from one single idea;
that is, ahead regulation, ahead compliance, ahead the necessary.
We are proud to state that many of today’s industry standards, best practices,
and even regulatory statutes, came to life because of Starling Ventures’ mode
of operations and paradigm to the shipping industry.

Many practices used by the company have presently become regulation
or key compliance points.

Looking ahead, Starling Ventures' will continue trying to excel even further its commitment to the CSR concept by finding new innovative ways to serv the dry bulk industry.



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