We work with enthusiasm and determination:

For our People
Everyone in our office and those interacting with the ships we manage
or service, return home safe and healthy. They are fairly compensated,
personally supported and satisfied for a good job well completed.
We provide a stable and secure working environment and proactively take
all possible precautions to avoid any human accident.

For our Clients
We try to understand the specific requirements and the priorities of our clients.
We aim to anticipate the needs of our colleagues, our seafarers and the external
providers who we select to work with. Each one of us is eager to go that extra
mile to deliver quality and greater value ahead expectations.

For our good result
Our corporate energy is focused on fair, sustainable and positive progress
for the company, our staff and our shareholders.

For our community
We aim to contribute positively to the betterment of our society.
Our active presence and the initiatives we take in the industry are driven
by our genuine concern for the wider issues that affect our lives and the major
challenges of our times.

To go full steam ahead
• We learn from our experiences and the experiences of others.
• We measure and benchmark to enhance the effectiveness and accountability
. of our systems.
• We educate, encourage and motivate all those we can positively influence.
• We assess our exposure and set the control mechanisms for prevention
. and risk avoidance.
• We develop our skills in mastering the complex nature of our cargoes
. and our destinations.
• We cooperate in a friendly, open, fair, understanding and respectful manner.
• We guide, support and empower each member of our team
. to deliver our promises.
• We respond immediately to situations with thoughtfulness, resourcefulness
. and integrity.
• We select our ways and carefully plan for change and innovation.
• We inspire our people to be alert, proactive, professional and responsible.
• We concentrate emphatically on the openess and efficiency of our services.
• We are leading a deliberate course into the future committed to our principles,
. values and targets.
• We continue building on trust and the synergies with our clients based
. on our steady performance.



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