Mission Statement
Starling Ventures' mission is to constantly deliver extraordinary performance
in the maritime industry in a socially responsible way.

Good performance in operating , chartering and operations management
translates into high standards in health, safety, quality, and operational efficiency.
Extraordinary performance is about outperforming ourselves, by a wide margin
and in every respect, and maximizing the benefits for all our stakeholders
in a fair and balanced way. It means being recognized by our best customers
and our principals as a preferred service provider and strategic partner.

Extraordinary performance also implies covering longer distances with less energy:
increasing our quality while decreasing our cost. Overcoming the ordinary requires
innovation and breakthroughs, as well as cohesiveness to our principles
in developing the way we work.

Starling Ventures’ responsibility towards society incorporates a wide range
of commitments: protection for the environment, rewarding workplace
and opportunities to our people (both shore-based on indirectly seafarers),
ethical way of business conduct, and respect for the communities
in which we deliver our services.


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