Starling Ventures’ history dates back over 11 years to 2001.
The first years of operation were very challenging due
to the increased competition.

The primary objective in the management’s mind at the time was growth
and performance for the customers. Starling Ventures established an european
address in London in order to provide a better service taking into
consideration the time differences between USA, Europe and Far East.
After London set-up the number of its Principals steadily increased.
Although the company was relatively new in the market, its management
did not hesitate to make aggressive moves to fulfill its growth objectives.

Starling Ventures held a steady course throughout the tumultuous market
conditions, successfully providing full management services to the vessels
of its Principals and to the cargo owners of its Principals.

Today, the company’s over one decade of experience combined with
a multi million tons of safely and efficiently delivered cargo to the world’s
sea ports classifies Starling Ventures as a large scale, World First Class
Company in the sea transportation industry.


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