In today’s world industry and society, environmental protection and preservation
is ever more important. Many companies and individuals have recognized
that they can reduce pollution and conduct business in a way that will help
protect our natural environment. The biggest challenge of today’s
industry is to develop a truly sustainable global economy; that is an economy
that the planet is capable of supporting indefinitely.

For Starling Ventures these ideas are entrenched in our way of thinking
and operating. We fully understand the risks and dangers involved in the carriage
of cargoes and we recognize that in any given moment during our operations
a mishandling can potentially harm the natural environment.

As we are faced with these challenges and we realize the dangers imposed
by our business, we proactively take steps to eliminate the chances of pollution.

Being environmentally responsive and trying to preserve ecological balances,
Starling Ventures takes actions towards this end. Maintaining to the highest
standards of services, using environmentally friendly methods.

We always strive to improve procedures aimed at the protection of the environment. We not only fully comply with the industry’s regulations in environmental issues
but we invest further ahead to this end.



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